April24 CROWN OF EARTH Announces Upcoming RAGE OF ARMAGEDDON 5 Festival Appearance In Brooklyn, NY./ Upcoming Band Activities

American progressive, classic heavy metal influenced band CROWN OF EARTH (COE) announces their upcoming RAGE OF ARMAGEDDON 5 festival appearance in Brooklyn, NY.

Crown of Earth will play on Saturday, April 28, 2018, at 5:45pm during the 2nd night of the 3 day event.

The festival will feature clasic metal bands such as Attacker, Deceased, Thrust, Blood Feast, Hellwitch, Tyrant and more.

Crown of Earth vocalist Danny Knight has checked in with the following comment: “Hey there Metal World! How’s it going? I’m excited to be a part of this legendary show that our friend Ed Farshtey is hosting. He is an awesome promoter and I’m very glad he asked us to be on the bill along with a bunch of other great bands. I’m really looking forward to seeing Attacker who will be playing that evening.”

Ralph Stanton (Crown of Earth Tour Manager) has this to say: “We can’t wait to melt Brooklyn with those guys! This is a 3 day festival that starts on Friday, we play it Saturday in the evening, and it closes on Sunday.

We’d love to stay for all three days but we play Bar XIII in Wilmington DE the next day, Sunday. This is the final show of our Endless Winter Tour.”

Here are some things to look forward to in the upcoming spring and summer seasons: Crown of Earth is currently tracking songs for a new summer album release.

Recording is going perfectly thanks to Producer Richard Gavalis at Domesound Studio in Royersford, Pennsylvania, where they are once again in the studio.

They are also working with world renowned Production Manager Pete Restey who has toured for 27 years with Black Sabbath, and the likes of Kiss, Manowar, DIO, and Rainbow to name a few. You should hear some of his stories. Pete will be at the Rage of Armageddon 5 show in NY. Just ask one of the band members to introduce you to him, and he’ll be glad to share a story or two with you.

Crown of Earth has also been preparing a video studio just outside of Philadelphia in order to begin filming the new video for the song: “Why Should I Care”, among others. So keep an eye out for that

Crown of Earth line-up:

*Vocalist – Danny Knight
*Rhythm Guitar – Michael Ellis
*Lead Guitar – Christopher Graziola
*Bassist – Marky Z
*Drummer – Vinny Corrado

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