April11 VICIOUS RUMORS’ Original Bassist DAVE STARR Celebrates The 30-Years Anniversary Of The Band’s Legendary 1988 Album “Digital Dictator” With New Facebook Page

Before playing guitar and bass in WildeStarr, and a run with Chastain, DAVE STARR was the bassist in one of the world’s premier power metal bands; Vicious Rumors (aka VR). As a member for 10 years on all of VR’s greatest albums, tours, and videos, Dave was also the one responsible for bringing vocalist Carl Albert and guitarist Mark McGee into the band, thus cementing the greatest lineup in the bands history.

The first album with this lineup, ‘DIGITAL DICTATOR,’ was recorded the summer of 1987, and released on Shrapnel records April of 1988. The record became an instant classic worldwide, and the band played tour dates in the USA, Mexico, Canada and Europe. The record is still in print and selling strong – 30 years after its release!

Dave says: “Digital Dictator is generally regarded by VR fans as the band’s best album. Everything clicked – we all contributed to the songwriting, and the amazing chemistry the 5 of us had just came through with incredible results.”

Shrapnel Records President Mike Varney recently said, “Vicious Rumors was one of the early bands that I signed to Shrapnel. Among many other distinctions, VR were a live band and not a studio project. ‘Digital Dictator’ has become a metal classic and, among other things, introduced amazing vocalist Carl Albert to the world. It’s hard to believe that 30 years has passed but the quality of the performances has stood the test of time.”

Dave has put together a new Facebook page dedicated to the VR ‘Digital Dictator’ album 30th anniversary: www.facebook.com/groups/DaveStarrVRDD30/?ref=bookmarks

This FB page will feature pics and stories from the classic ‘Digital Dictator’ era, and more importantly, Dave has finally unleashed never before seen videos he had filmed of the band!

These videos have sat in boxes for over 30 years, until Dave started to transfer them to digital format this year.

LIVE shows, backstage, in the studio, hanging out, etc. – a literal treasure trove of VR videos that are finally seeing the light of day!!

The first 4 segments are up now for all the fans to see for the first time ever, with lots more videos to come.

Dave Starr is now available for interviews with the metal press worldwide to discuss the VR Digital Dictator 30th anniversary 1988 – 2018, and the new WildeStarr “Beyond the Rain” CD (issued in December of last year). And you can expect the following from Dave in conversation:

* Unique insight from Dave Starr, who was the bassist in VR for 10 years, and played on all the bands greatest albums, tours, and videos.
* Co-writer of 3 songs from the Digital Dictator album: RLH, Digital Dictator, and Replicant
* The straight story, with no BS and no filter. Dave tells it like it was…and is.
* The true story behind how Dave assembled the VR Digital Dictator lineup