April11 Ghent-Belgium Based OUR COMMON SENSE Wins Steenworp Final

OUR COMMON SENSE from Ghent, who recently released their great debut EP ‘Mankind’s Worst To Know’ on their own, took part in a pre-battle from the Zeeuws-Vlaamse competition Steenworp.

This is no metalcontest but a competition for musical talent in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, from pop to singer-songwriter and from rock to metal. They won the juryprice during that pre-battle through which they reached the finals(a Flemish band that ends up in the finals from a Zeeuws-Vlaamse/Nederlandse contest).

This final took place on Saturday April 7th 2018 at venue De PIT in Terneuzen and to their own surprise, and from that from some folks present that evening(including yours truly), they won this final. Now they will participate in the Vestrockrally through which they have a chance to win there as well and get a spot a the Vestrock Fest. They also will participate in the Road To Graauwrock through which they have a chance to win there as well and they might become the openingband from Graauwrock Fest. They also won some studio time and they got a spot on the Weitjesrock Festival.